The plan

What might this building become?

We want to see a thriving cafe serving the community and hosting local events. We want a welcoming space that works for parents on the school run, kids after school, and anyone looking for a coffee or a lunchtime sandwich.

It’ll be there for the football teams in the winter, cricketers in the summer, dog-walkers all year round. It will become the centre of life in the park.

And here’s the fun thing: it will be your cafe. This will be a community cafe, which means it won’t be run by a franchise. We’re hoping to plan the whole thing in partnership with High Town folks, through consultations, public meetings, school assemblies, a design competition for children, and an advisory group with representatives from the area. There’s no big money behind this either. It’s not a local government project. We’re all local people and park users, and we’re going to need a lot of help – you can chip in to our crowdfunder here.

Lots of parks have successful cafes. There’s one across the hill in Wardown Park, or in Stockwood Park. St Albans has the Inn on the Park in Verulamium. Bedford has the Pavilion. Why not People’s Park too?

We’ve had the building surveyed, and it is well-built and a good size. With some imagination, it could be converted and refitted. We could put a deck around it and windows in the walls, with picnic benches and shaded canopies – what would you like to see? Let us know.

View the initial plans here. (pdf)