Closed down toilet pavilion in People’s Park

In the middle of People’s Park is a virtually disused pavilion that was scheduled for demolition last year.

What if we could turn it into a vibrant community cafe instead?

In May 2018, a Community Interest Company (People’s Park Cafe) was formed by local residents to do exactly that, and we need your help!

By working in partnership with other local groups, we hope to change this space into something the community is proud of and that serves the park’s many users by providing:

  • a health-conscious and ethically-minded cafe
  • refreshments and toilet facilities for casual park users
  • facilities for existing sports and community groups
  • a welcoming and fit-for-purpose community meeting space

Keep an eye on the news page to see where we’re up to.
View the architect’s drawings on the proposed plan page.
Donate to us on our fundraising page