Our crowdfunder is live!

We’ve drawn up the plans, shown them to as many people as we can, and fine tuned them with loads of your suggestions. You know what comes next – help us make it happen!

We’ll need some major funding to refurbish and transform the building, and we’ll be turning to larger fundraisers for that. That comes later. Right now we need to pay the architect, get structural surveys done and secure planning permission for the cafe. And that means we need around £7,000 up front.

We’ve got a bit of a headstart on that from Your Say Your Way, but we need your help to get the rest. So we’ve set up a crowd-funding campaign and we’d love for you, the people of High Town and Luton, to invest. Everyone who contributes – however much it might be – will have their name displayed in the cafe upon its completion.

Sure, we know that not everyone has money to spend, but shaping the future isn’t just for the rich! This is the People’s Cafe, and it’s something we’re doing together. If everyone in High Town contributed 50p we’d have more than enough to get us through this stage, and you’ll know that you helped to make something extraordinary happen!

You can make a donation here. We’d also love it if you told your friends about the project, spread the word on social media, and shared it with your neighbours.