Photos from our Easter consultation

On Easter saturday we were able to welcome dozens of people through the building and our plans for it. Thank you to all those who came along to see for themselves!

Information boards were hung up on the side of the building, and David Landau and Konni Deppe talked people through the possibilities. Tours of the building ran in small groups, and then people had the opportunity to write their comments and suggestions.

Suggestions included a sandpit, water for dogs, picnic benches, live music days and a table tennis table. People could also write items for their ‘dream menu’ for the cafe. These reflected the diverse ages, tastes and cultures of High Town and varied from pizza and chips to vegan food and green tea.

  • “We wont ice cream”
  • “Spegety bolnas”
  • “Healthy food”
  • “Loads of pastry”
  • “Good coffee”
  • “Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon”

The consultation ran alongside a family fun day organised by local churches (including Park Church, an outdoor church which meets in the park) so families could enjoy refreshments, a nature trail and craft activities. A pay-what-you-like bouncy castle helped to raise funds for the cafe project.

Missed the event? Don’t worry – there will be further opportunities to view and feed back on plans so far. We’re organising a venue this week for displaying the information panels, and a venue for a consultation with the architect. Check back soon for more details.