We’re halfway there

Good news – our crowdfunder campaign crossed the magical 50% mark last week. We’ve been bowled over by the generosity of High Towners, and it was great to meet a wide range of people at the High Town Festival and the churches picnic.

With half the money still to find, we could really do with your help over the next couple of weeks. If you’ve been meaning to give and haven’t get around to it yet, consider this a friendly reminder and click here! And if you have given already, how about letting your friends and family know? Share the link on Facebook, follow and retweet us on Twitter, or send an email round the office.

We’ve noticed that donations come in waves, and that’s often because someone has told their networks about the project.

In other news, the council executive voted on the 22nd of July to approve the lease in principle. That’s a vote we’ve been waiting for, and big step forwards. There are some complications around land ownership that need to be resolved before we can formally take charge of the building, but it’s good to know that the council are behind the project and that we can move forwards with confidence.