We’re still here…

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? It would be lovely to be able to write an update with brilliant good news, but that’s not something we can do right now.

Then again, neither are we writing with bad news.

It’s just… no news.

Here’s where we find ourselves: since the pandemic hit pause on everything, we’ve made good progress. We’ve had good conversations with the parks department, and worked with them to secure planning permission for the cafe. We’ve had estimates in for the building work, and initial scoping chats with potential funders, the council and various local agencies.

People have moved on and moved away, and new directors have joined. We’ve thought about business plans and operators and laid as much groundwork as we can.

What’s holding us back is legal complications around the land and the building. This isn’t something that’s in our control, but until they are resolved, we can’t really move ahead with anything else.

So, apologies for the wait. We’re waiting too! The building is still there, and we’re positive that there’s going to be a great cafe in it – eventually.