Photos from our Easter consultation

On Easter saturday we were able to welcome dozens of people through the building and our plans for it. Thank you to all those who came along to see for themselves! Information boards were hung up on the side of the building, and David Landau and Konni Deppe talked people through the possibilities. Tours of…

The plan

What could this building become? How could we use it in future?

The Building

The future cafe building is a one-storey brick construction near the playing fields. It’s a more versatile building than it appears.

The park

People’s Park is located in the High Town area of Luton. It has a green space with a playground and playing fields, and woodlands at the top. In between is a grassy slope that’s good for sunbathing in the summer and sledging in the winter.

Easter fun day and consultation

Join us on Easter Saturday for a family fun day in People’s Park, 2-4pm. There will be a nature trail, craft activities, games and a pay-what-you-like bouncy castle. The proposed designs for the cafe will be on display, and you’ll be able to walk around the building and see it for yourself. The family fun…

St Matthew’s School assembly

Thanks to St Matthews Primary School for letting us tap the wisdom of your students at our consultation. All sorts of ideas were generated for layouts and menus, and the team were inspired by your enthusiasm and creativity! We want as many people as possible to tell us what they’d like to see in the…

Architect appointed

We’re delighted to be able to announce that Ana Sutherland RIBA has been appointed to the project. Her enthusiasm for the idea and experience on similar buildings makes her perfect for the role, and we look forward to seeing the proposals take shape. See Francisco Sutherland Architects for more.

Council of reference meets for the first time

Council of reference – that sounds serious, doesn’t it? We weren’t sure what to call it, but basically this is a group of people representing a wide variety of communities and interests in High Town. They are helping to advise on the project, ask difficult questions, and lend their expertise. Many of them live within…

Your Say Your Way funding

In September 2018 we were awarded £1,250 from the High Town Your Say Your Way council funding voted for by local people. We received the second highest vote portion. These funds have been used for the pre-application and the remainder will go towards architect fees for the first phase of the development.

Community Interest Company formed

n May 2018 a Community Interest Company (People’s Park Cafe) was formed by four local residents surrounded by a wider steering committee to take over the pavilion in order to turn it into a vibrant and viable community cafe.